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        Main Features of REXA

        •       100% modulating duty cycle
        •  Deadband: adjustable from 0.1% to 5%
        •  Positioning precision 0.15%
        •  Input signal: 4-20mA analogue signal or pulse signal
        •  Vibration, static friction or sliding friction have no effect on operation
        •  Optional spring failure upon power loss
        •  Self-contained and modular design, requires no external oil source
        •  Sealed Positive-Pressure Design 
        •  Mount in any orientation; no venting required
        •  No oil breakdown or replacement 
        •  No filters; minimal maintenance
        •  Microprocessor controlled for reliability and flexibility
        •  Discrete operation: motor only operates when movement is required 

        Application Fields

        For the process application that requires precise control, and reliability the REXA Xpac is an ideal selection. REXA’s intelligent electrohydraulic design features positioning precision, the deadband is adjustable from 5% to 0.05% , the repeatability is <0.1% and the linearity is correctable to <0.05% The unit features quick response to the control signal, long service life and can replace traditional actuators while offering the customer superior performance.
        REXA actuator and driver make the final matched with most of precision instruments and distributed control systems.
        Any process application will greatly improve its control level while using REXA electrohydraulic control technology. The typical application fields for REXA are power generation, pipeline, water/waste water treatment, paper making, metallurgy, food processing and refining/chemical industries. 

        Power generation



        When the application requires fine control in order to reduce emissions the final control element is the deciding factor. It must have high resolution, rapid response, electronic communication, and low maintenance. REXA meets these requirements.
        The REXA actuator is designed to handle critical applications in the power industry. By increasing efficiency and eliminating down time REXA is utilized in many power applications and is considered as standard equipment on specific applications. 



        The Pipeline industry has gone through huge changes in recent years. Environmental problems require users to optimize the control of natural gas and other fluids transmitted in a pipeline. REXA provides fail safe (spring) operation and surge control that allow for cost reduction to the customer.Div1&2 certification and the ability to adapt to existing valves enhance the usage of a REXA Xpac unit in pipeline operations.

        Water/Water Treatment



        Water and air quality standards are changing continuously While budgets and the number of employees have been reduced the pressure on owners is to increase efficiency of the operation. The installation of REXA on existing or new valves is fast and easy. By utilizing REXA in certain applications the owners ability to obtain their goals is increased..
        30min debugging, no daily maintenance and full electronic operation enable users to have enough time to deal with the cleaners. Compact size and relatively lighter weight reduce working amount of changing valves. With the help of Xpac, the operation of plug valves will be easy.


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