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        Hydraulic transmission control system has been widely used in process control. Based on the co-operational relation with foreign companies we use international leading control concept, advanced seal technology and precise manufacturing engineering to design and develop variety of special hydraulic control systems in accordance with site requirements, these systems have been applied successfully and replaced imported equipments. Our systems have eliminated the severe leakage, low control precision, high accident rate, low reliability and simplex function etc. defects that most current hydraulic equipments have on site and increase the equipment operational safety, reliability and controllability, and reach the advanced level nationally and internationally.


        Typical product:
        Hydraulic system to position the vertical roller mill for raw cement 
        Hydraulic system to position the vertical roller mill for cement slag
        Hydraulic system for coal mill load change 
        Hydraulic system for circulating water pump 
        Lubrication station and hydraulic control station for fan 
        Bar mill hydraulic system
        Control the differential pressure in the hydraulic system
        Blast furnace gun hydraulic system 
        Hydraulic system for engine wheel production line 

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