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        Energy Secretary: Last year, wind power equivalent to burning 30 million tons of coal

        Source:人民日报 Number of visits: Date:2012年3月13日 08:41

        In the afternoon of March 10, five Eleventh CPPCC National Committee meeting theme of "CPPCC members talk about the development of new energy and clean energy," the press conference. Guobao, Shao Bingren Binghua, Lu Qizhou, Niu Wenyuan, Li River Jun and other six members are present and answered reporters' questions.

        Last year, wind power equivalent to burning 30 million tons of coal

        CPPCC Standing Committee, the National Energy Board, former director of Zhang, the current wind and solar energy use in China has ranked first in the world, Internet installed capacity of wind power in China last year reached 47 million kilowatts generating capacity of 73.3 billion kWh of electricity, equivalent to less burning 30 million tons of coal. Solar energy, China's export of solar energy, accounting for more than 50% of world trade. While the rapid development of China's new energy, Zhang, there are some areas of concern, such as wind power to abandon the problem of wind, wind power equipment manufacturing enterprises of vicious competition.

        "In the process of development of new energy, must adhere to the principles of scientific and orderly." The former vice chairman of the State Electricity Regulatory Commission Shao Bingren members considered that the first plan to science, the development of new energy sources must be combined with the industrial layout and adjustment of industrial structure . The second is the development of new energy and the transformation of traditional energy sources must be the combination of new energy can not substitute for traditional energy for quite some time. Therefore, we must always adhere to traditional energy sources of energy saving in the first place. Third, the development of new energy and power grid construction to be matched should encourage the development of new energy distributed local consumptive, and not engage in the so-called large-scale wind power base to send long-distance gas from west to east.

        Domestic solar market needs more support

        Zhang introduced China's domestic production of solar, 90% are exported to foreign countries, only 10 percent remain in the country with. Why most of the Chinese solar products exported to foreign countries do? Zhang believes that is mainly because the EU and other Western countries, the government subsidy policy on the development of solar energy, and our utilization of solar energy is still faced with the electricity price is too high and the matching policy is not enough.

        Earlier, the U.S. Commerce Department issued a proclamation declaring the will China's exports to the U.S. solar cell anti-dumping and countervailing "double reverse" investigation, attracted industry attention. China New Energy Chamber of Commerce, Li River Jun, Han Holdings, Chairman of the Board members said the U.S. "double reverse" a great influence on the development of China's solar hand, if the U.S. "double reverse" through, although the U.S. market only 4% of Chinese exports, but would later impose 100 percent tariffs affect our exports to Europe. On the other hand, in the long run, this is a good thing to help promote the solar industry to upgrade this thing to open the domestic market.

        Actively promote the power system reform

        Also promote the power system, some of the obstacles to get rid of the system and institutional aspects of the development of new energy. "Shao Bingren members in response to questions that the current slow progress of China's electric power system reform, the next step must be to actively promote the power system reform. Shao Bingren think, first, the need for grid transmission and distribution business separate. Second, to establish the price formation mechanism to reflect the scarcity of resources, to resolve the contradiction between the upstream and downstream products to solve the electricity internal contradictions. Third, to improve and enhance the regulatory capacity to ensure the impartiality and fairness of the electricity market.

        Sustainable development strategy research group leader, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Niu Wenyuan, chief scientist members introduce new China was founded early in China each year the total energy consumption of 24 million tons of standard coal, Energy Today, we are consumed each year 30 million tons of standard coal above, this figure is alarming. "On the one hand we want to particularly focus on the development and use of new energy, while saving energy as the main line of which the whole development." Niu Wenyuan, as we can take advantage of the now half of the energy and produce more than twice wealth, will not only promote the support of the growth of wealth, but also the care of the earth itself.

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