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        The five major power groups "cold" thermal power enthusiastic about the new energy

        Source:经济参考报 Number of visits: Date:2012年3月13日 08:43

          To make up for the book loss, the five major power on the one hand the sale of the assets of the thermal power, on the other hand speed up the layout of new energy.

        Held on March 10th CPPCC National Committee members to talk about the development of new energy and clean energy "press conference, a member of the CPPCC National Committee, China Power Investment Corporation, general manager Lu Qizhou revealed that the company just and Duke Energy have signed to Nuclear Power. cooperation agreement.

        According to the reports of the media during the two sessions, the CLP intends to vote its a thermal power listed companies to adjust for environmental protection of listed companies, and then the new energy, hydro, nuclear, etc. plate gradually, in order to integrate into. According to the plan, by 2015, its proportion of clean energy from the current 30% to 40%.

        Accelerated launched a new energy projects and more than the power to vote a. Following the try to shale gas development in Hunan, Huadian recently for the first time to enter the field of new energy in Hainan, and to further promote distributed energy development in Guangdong.

        Guodian will focus more to invest in wind power. The Guodian general manager Zhu Peng pointed out that, hydro, wind, solar and other clean renewable by the end of 2011 22% of the total installed capacity of energy, including wind power installed capacity reached 12.26 million kilowatts, ranking first in Asia, second in the world.

        In sharp contrast with this, the thermal power is increasingly being left out, the Power Generation Group frequently to sell the assets of the thermal power.

        The origin of this trend in the CLP vote last year to sell the the Pingdingshan Hongxiang thermoelectric Equity and listed for trading in Chongqing United Assets and Equity Exchange; October 28 thereafter, the CPI and then Zhangze power transferred to the new owner with coal Group Zhangze Power one of the A shares of the top ten in the first half loss of stock; December, following the bid of 100 million yuan to sell Ningxia Datang International Dam Power Generation Co. Ltd. 20 percent stake no disk access, Huadian fight tickets again for sale.

        Year's government work report, to promote the use of traditional energy to clean, safe and efficient development of nuclear power, while increasing the proportion of new energy in overall energy consumption. This not only means that further tighter control of pollutant discharge, the thermal power cost pressures increase, but also means that new energy will be more popular.

        Member of the CPPCC National Committee, the National Energy Board, former director Zhang told the Economic Information Daily "reporters, contradictions of coal-fired thermal power plant has been in a non-profit status in recent years, the five power generation groups the number of thermal power and even coal assets sold to regional power generation companies or provinces, make up the loss on the book, which is the so-called "abandoned fire.

        But Zhang believes that the abandoned fire assets to total assets ratio is negligible, "abandoning the fire will not spread to the thermal power industry, because the shot of the thermal power assets is just one loss, uncontrollable part.

        "Even the 'second five' end of renewable energy and thermal power at the same price level, can not replace the thermal power, thermal power installed capacity of nearly 80% of generating capacity of more than 80%, even during the 'second five' plunged, nor may be lower than 50% in terms of the energy structure is generating the profits of the Group constitute a point of view, in the short to medium term the country will continue to mainly to thermal power. "Zhang said.

        Shao Bingren, former vice chairman of CPPCC National Committee, the State Electricity Regulatory Commission also pointed out that in a number of years, dominated by traditional energy structure will not change. New energy for the adjustment of energy structure, it is necessary to supplement and improve the role of, but it can not substitute for traditional energy for quite some time.

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