Company Profile

            The headquarter of Shenyang Northeast Electric Power Control CO., Ltd (NEPCI)is located in the Shenyang High-tech development zone, Hunnan New District, Shenyang, the central city in the region of Northeast China. The area of the production facility is 40000 square meters. And the company has branch offices in Beijing, Shenzhen,Urumchi,and several other cities.
        As a new & high-tech organization, NEPCI conducts research in hydraulic and pneumatic control, electro-mechanical technology, automation engineering, and power plant applications, while developing products related to these fields. NEPCI was selected one of the top 100 companies in new emerging industries, and was awarded as the one of the companies of Liaoning Dragon Plan. NEPCI is also the hydraulic technical service center in Liaoning province.

            Products and engineering projects are directed toward power, machine equipment, building construction, mining & metals, petrochemical, pipeline and other applicable industries. NEPCI has established a strong business relationship with companies from the U.S, Germany, the U.K, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and others in Europe, South America and Asia, and has exported to countries and regions such as USA, Germany, Russia, Southeast Asia, etc.

            NEPCI is also the sales representative and/or service center and/or local assembly and integration base for some companies in the above mentioned countries.